Military Online Course

The Military Impacted Schools Association has worked with Johns Hopkins University to develop a three-credit online graduate course.  Individuals can take the course for graduate credit through the University of Hawaii or two continuing education credits through the Military Impacted Schools Association.

MISA school districts worked with Dr. Michael Blum on best practices, resources, interviews, and reviewing the program.  The course can be found at  The course consists of fourteen modules that includes an introduction, best practices, projects for the classroom, and tremendous resources and references.  While the course has been designed with the military students/family in mind, the materials are great resources in working with all children.  The fourteen modules are:

  • Getting to know your military student

  • Mobility—social and emotional challenges

  • Mobility—academic and logistical challenges

  • Challenges of deployment

  • Helping students cope with deployment

  • Helping students in crisis

  • Building student resilience

  • Building resilience—social and emotional learning

  • Building resilience—problem solving

  • School connectedness—creating a caring environment

  • School connectedness—building academic engagement

  • School-parent partnerships

  • School-community partnerships

  • Interventions—planning, implementation, evaluation

Once you have completed all fourteen modules you will need to submit a plan on how to address two (one for each continuing credit) of the following topics at the school or classroom level—first, highlight the problem and then identify a specific solution you would implement at the district, school, or classroom level:

  •      Mobility

  •      Deployment

  •      Students in crisis

  •       Building student resilience

  •       School connectedness

  •       Partnerships

  •       Interventions

Send your completed plans to  There is no template or word count for submission of
plans—we are leaving it up to each professional to submit what it would take to develop a complete plan. Be sure to include your name, school, address and phone number.  Your continuing credit certificate will be sent in the mail.


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to cal (800) 291-MISA or e-mail



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