Student Checklist

Checklist for Parents/Students Entering a New School

Before arriving at your new assignment

  • contact new school district
  • check the Internet to see if the school district has a web site
  • ask for general information about the school district
  • ask for information about what school your child will be attending
  • ask for a copy of the school calendar
  • check to see if you can register your child prior to arriving at your new assignment
    • register on-line through the school district web site
    • register with forms that the district sends you
  • ask the school district what they do if you arrive at your new assignment and do not have a permanent address
    • will the school district register your child and place him/her in a school immediately
    • once you have a permanent address, will you have to move your child or can your child stay at the same school for your entire assignment
  • what can you take care of prior to arriving at your new school
    • physical examinations
    • immunizations

Specific questions about the school program

  • what is the relationship between school district and military installation
  • is your School Board and leadership team dedicated to quality education
  • what is your parent participation in the educational process
  • do you have clearly defined and measured learning standards
  • what are the elements of a quality instructional program
  • what is your accreditation level - state or regional - and is this for all of your schools
  • do you have a comprehensive set of educational options for students with disabilities and special needs
  • what are your district test scores
  • what is your average class size
  • do you have differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners - regardless of their learning style
  • how do you develop productive, good citizens
  • how do you use technology
    • do you use it just to drill students or to enhance instruction
  • do you offer a high ability learner program
  • do you offer a special education program
  • do you have remedial programs for students who do not qualify for special education
  • do you have counselors available for all grade levels
  • do you offer a summer school program
  • how safe are your schools
  • what do your facilities look like
    • are they handicap accessible
    • are they clean and up-to-date
  • is transportation available


  • what is the entrance age for children in kindergarten
  • do you have full-day kindergarten
  • do you offer a developmentally-appropriate early childhood program (i.e. hands-on approach to learning)


  • is the school on block or traditional scheduling
  • what is the grading scale (4 point or 5 point)
  • what are the graduation requirements
    • is there a state-mandated test for students
    • is there a state-mandated class, such as state history
  • do you offer
    • JROTC
    • advanced placement classes
    • vocational education, college prep programs
  • what is the policy on a new student becoming valedictorian/salutatorian
  • how does a child participate in programs that have early tryouts
    • cheerleading, choral groups, sports teams, etc.
    • does the school hold several positions so that students can try out late
    • does the school accept videotaped auditions
  • ask about specific programs of interest for your child
  • do you provide any test preparation programs for ACT/SAT

Hand carry the following information for each child:

  • birth certificate
  • social security number
  • child's military ID card
  • immunization records
  • report cards
  • copy of school transcript
  • IEPs for students with special needs

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